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Wake Research offers a dedicated network of clinical research sites that specialize in study implementation and trial management, recruitment and retention, advertising, contracting and quality control. We’ve spent over 35 years building relationships with sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs). Our partnerships with top pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies have secured our place on the cutting edge of research and allow us to complete our most important work: caring for our patients.

  • Headquarters in Raleigh, NC, with other locations in Fayetteville, NC; Las Vegas, NV; San Diego, Los Alamitos, Encino and Newport Beach, CA; Memphis and Chattanooga, TN; Dallas, TX; Tucson, AZ; Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; and Lake City, FL
  • 23 research sites nationwide
  • Affiliated with large, multi-specialty group practices, hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Completed over 7,000 Phase I—Phase IV clinical trials
  • More than 80 sponsors, including 17 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies
  • Work with more than 40 CROs, including 9 of the top 10 organizations
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  • Dedicated to our core

    Our core values drive our nationwide team to exceed the clinical research expectations, providing patient-centric care and superior quality across all sites and studies:

    • Leadership
    • Meaningful Work
    • Quality
    • Expertise
    • Accuracy and Integrity
    • Consistency and Reliability
    • Wake Research employee testimonial: Aubrey, Phase I Operations and Development Manager
    • “Our staff and colleagues share patient centricity as a core value, and we all care deeply about the work we are performing. No one wants their name associated with something that is not going to provide credible and reliable data. We all feel that we owe that to our community and our next generation.”
      Aubrey, Phase I Operations and Development Manager
    • Wake Research employee testimonial: Barbara, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
    • “I did my research and I applied here because I found it to be a strong company. The most satisfying aspect of my work is seeing the smiles on my patients’ faces when they come in and we talk about the studies.”
      Barbara, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
    • Wake Research employee testimonial: Brennan, Site Liaison Associate
    • “Wake Research has given me many opportunities to broaden my knowledge and experience in clinical research by seeing my potential and matching my skills to areas that will benefit not only the company, but also my career growth.”
      Brennan, Site Liaison Associate
    • Wake Research employee testimonial: Karen, Site Manager
    • “I value and enjoy the environment, starting at the corporate level all the way down to the site level. We work hard but enjoy doing so because we are working as a team. Each of us shares our knowledge that can only be gained through years of experience, which helps us all become better.”
      Karen, Site Manager
    • Wake Research employee testimonial: Marion, Director, Site Start-up and Strategic Operations
    • “I can confidently say that Wake Research has the talent, corporate knowledge and senior management that is needed to succeed and compete with the best in the business. We make sure our team members are well trained, resourced and able to represent our company throughout all stages of our clinical trials.”
      Marion, Director, Site Start-Up and Strategic Operations
    • Wake Research employee testimonial: Shraddha, Clinical Research Site Manager
    • “The most satisfying aspect of working here is that the entire team, no matter what time zone the team member lives in, is available to help you succeed. I can reach out to a team member and find answers! The team all strives for the same goal and shows the same level of enthusiasm.”
      Shraddha, Clinical Research Site Manager

A better career for you… a better life for others

Wake Research gives you the opportunity to work as a team and help create a better life for people through the development and research of new medicines and devices. We work with major pharmaceutical companies as well as independent physicians, so you’ll learn a lot about the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. If you’re looking to pursue a career in healthcare or clinical research, this is a great place to learn the ins and outs of the medical industry. For those of you with an established research career, we provide opportunities to showcase your talents. Roles we typically hire for include:

  • Clinical Research (Clinical Research Coordinators, Physicians, Site Investigators, Nurses)
  • Marketing & Advertising (Digital Marketing Roles)
  • Administration (Accounting, IT, HR)
  • Business Development (Sales)
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