About M3 USA

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About M3 USA
  • M3 USA was founded in 2000 with the goal of changing the world of medicine by making full use of our technology platforms and services. The three M�s in our name stand for Medicine, Media and Metamorphosis, reflecting our commitment to:

    • Use the Internet to increase the number of people who can live longer and healthier lives
    • Reduce the amount of unnecessary medical costs
    • Transform the technologies and media solutions that our clients implement as part of the process

    We strive to connect very diverse areas of the healthcare community through physician and medical personnel recruitment, education, clinical trials, market research, integrated and database solutions, education, technology and multichannel promotion. By creating connections, we will break down the barriers that stand in the way of improvements in healthcare.

  • M3 USA, part of the Forbes Global 2000 ranking of public companies

    We are part of the Forbes Global 2000, a ranking of public companies based on sales, profit, assets and market value.

  • M3 USA parent M3 Inc. Japan is publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JP2413

    Our parent M3 Inc. Japan is publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (JP2413).

  • M3 USA reaches over5 MILLION MEDICAL PROVIDERS through physician websites across the U.S., Asia and Europe

    We reach over 5 million medical providers through our numerous physician websites across the U.S., Asia and Europe.

  • M3 USA corporate careers
  • What makes M3 USA a great place to work

    • A common healthcare industry focus, with shared goals and leadership vision
    • A focus on growth and rapid expansion through new acquisitions and broadened services globally and within the U.S.
    • A commitment to creating an ecosystem of synergies among our diverse operations
    • A code of conduct for all businesses that focuses on customer satisfaction, quality of work, a CEO mentality within each of us and a respect for employees as professionals
    • An emphasis on hard work, sense of ownership for results, commitment to customer service, leadership qualities and innovation
    • An employee-centric culture that offers respect for all employees, work/life balance, remote flexibility, competitive salaries and extremely generous benefits