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MDLinx is a digital healthcare publishing company that helps busy healthcare professionals stay current on the latest medical news, research and information. We aggregate medical articles and research from peer-reviewed journals and leading news media on a daily basis. Our physician editors sort this content into medical specialty sites, patient sites and subspecialty sections, all available online. We also provide quizzes in a wide variety of specialties to keep medical education engaging. These include the popular Smartest Doc series and a comprehensive set of Board Exam Prep questions.

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We practice what we preach

Our team is passionate about providing physicians and other healthcare providers with the latest information in their fields and enjoyable learning opportunities. To inspire that passion, we reward our employees with a supportive culture and challenges that help them achieve their goals.

  • We prioritize the personal health and wellness of our team members, through company-wide health campaigns and team-building wellness excursions.
  • We employ self-directed, agile and data-driven individuals who are committed to bringing our readership the latest in healthcare news.
  • We strive to build collaborative teams consisting of forward-thinking individuals.
  • We present a unique opportunity, based on both our size and fast-paced environment, for individual team members to use their talents to make a big impact on our business.
  • We provide opportunities for continued learning and growth.
  • We offer team members a variety of work locations, including our main office in Ft. Washington, PA and our New York City midtown office.
    • “I saw M3 as an opportunity to use my project management skills to make a difference and be a valuable part of a team that was building itself up. Not once did I get a sense of being a cog in a wheel. I know that if I contribute something to the process/operations, it will be seen and make a difference.”
      Jeanette, Project Manager
    • MDLinx employee testimonial: Allana, Ad Ops Associate
    • “I work for a manager who pushes me to constantly extend my capabilities to new lengths. My growth has come in the area of new work experience. Having motivated and strong leaders in my immediate manager and his manager makes me want to work harder and be better at what I do every day.”
      Allana, Ad Ops Associate
    • MDLinx employee testimonial: Matthew, Digital Design Director
    • “I was attracted to M3 initially by the company size, strong core values and opportunity for career advancement. M3 is special in its ability to identify and reward dedication, contribution and effort. It also offers a wonderful environment for growing and sharpening career skills.”
      Matthew, Digital Design Director
    • MDLinx employee testimonial: Chris, Sr. Software Engineer
    • “What sets M3 apart is that leadership understands the potential of the latest technology and is committed to using it. Ultimately, I’m here to build a great product. When everything comes together—your team, your workflow, your execution—to put something into the hands of your users, that’s a great feeling.”
      Chris, Sr. Software Engineer
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