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M3 Executive Search provides healthcare executive search services to academic, acute care and health plan clients. We are a retained search firm that hires seasoned healthcare executives or executive recruiters (or a combination of both) to represent searches on our clients’ behalf.

  • Our recruiters reap the rewards

    Being a M3 Executive Recruiter is rewarding both financially and from a career perspective. We represent a variety of positions and roles and are able to impact multiple healthcare organizations nationwide by providing great healthcare executive candidates and guidance to our clients. It is a complex, demanding role that is never dull, and each search is a different puzzle.

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    • M3 Executive Search employee testimonial: Courtney, Senior Executive Consultant
    • “The passion, knowledge and commitment of this team is very powerful

      and the most satisfying aspect of my work; our knowledge of the internal workings of organizations is very beneficial when partnering with clients or key searches.”

      Courtney, Senior Executive Consultant
    • M3 Executive Search employee testimonial: Megan, Senior Executive Consultant
    • “The best part about working here is being surrounded

      by a strong team, helping set up individuals and organizations for success and, ultimately, knowing we are impacting the world of healthcare.”

      Megan, Senior Executive Consultant
    • M3 Executive Search employee testimonial: Darci, Senior Executive Consultant
    • “Our resources and ability to be nimble and adapt to our clients’ needs

      set us apart from other organizations. We have a collaborative and supportive environment that encourages innovative thinking and growth.”

      Darci, Senior Executive Consultant
  • M3 Executive Search award: Forbes 2020 - Global 2000 World’s Largest Public Companies Search M3 Executive Search Jobs
  • Qualities we have in common

    M3 Executive Search is always networking with healthcare executives/leaders and other executive recruiters who might be interested in joining our team when the timing matches up with our growth. All of our executive recruiters:

    • Possess decades of experience spanning all verticals of healthcare and academic executive recruitment
    • Believe in our unique business model and the opportunity to truly change the executive search firm industry for the better
    • Possess tremendous work ethic and strong consulting and screening skills
    • Have received training and development on each and every stage of the executive recruiting process, as well as personal development training
    • Collaborate with both clients and candidates on high-level positions based not only on qualifications, but also culture fit
    • Tackle challenges and obstacles as a team
    • Strive to provide the very best service and results on every executive search we represent
    • Work remotely in several cities across the country